A Note From Lillie

Hey y'all! I come from the Blue Ridge Mountains of South Carolina.  The little town that I grew up in is called "Pumpkintown"...and yes, "Pumpkintown" is it's real name! Pumpkintown's a real different place than my new home...but I'm real happy here in Nashville, Tn.  

I moved to Nashville for very different reasons than music, but now that I am here I see that music is the reason.  My journey with music has been beautiful, life-changing, and completely captivating. 

The most captivating thing that I have experienced through music is the connection between an entertainer and an audience.  The connections that I have made have been so real, so honest, so deep, and so precious to me.  That connection: person to person, life to life; I couldn't think of any better reason to continue on this journey.  

To those of you that I have connected with, I love and appreciate you; and always will.  And to those of you I have yet to meet, I look so forward to finding each other along the way.