Fresh out of the rolling foothills of Pumpkintown, South Carolina, Lillie Syracuse came to Nashville with a sparkling-sweet Southern sensibility, complimented by the graceful grit of someone who was born to ramble. For two years, she's been singing the streets, bars, and honky-tonks of Music City with a vibrant voice and soul as fiery as the hair on her head.

Spending much of her childhood on the... road with her Dad who was a truck driver for his family's business, she became impassioned by music early on while listening to classic rock, country, and blues. Venturing all over the American West in a eighteen wheeler for hours on end and seeing a world she yearned to be a part of, music was the only thing that kept the young Lillie occupied. Artists including Fleetwood Mac, Bonnie Raitt, Merle Haggard, Led Zeppelin, The Allman Brothers, Loretta Lynn, Elton John, Dolly Parton, and Gladys Knight have muddled together to create the influence behind the voice of Lillie Syracuse. Complete with an energy and presence that reaps the grit-raddled soul of rock 'n roll married to the wild beating heart of country music, she adds her own feminine tinge of nostalgic charm, sultry twang, and tender conviction represented through her sound and image. Not only is she inspired by the songs of the past, but the look and lifestyle as well. Her personality is clad with the same dazzling colors of a nineteen sixties Nudie Suit, yet she is never without a refreshed sense of style, spunk, and rustic, down-home sentiments, shining brighter than the rhinestones on her dress. All of which is reflective of her deeply situated desire to revive the old into something explosively new. Never without a flower in her hair, she is the sweet-as-cherry-pie girl who lives down the street that you've loved all your life, but who also keeps a bottle of whiskey readily available to share with her friends, pull out a guitar, and have a wailin' good time.

While she wasn't traveling across the country, Lillie Syracuse grew up in the beautiful backwoods of South Carolina. The town she lived in was extensively rural, so the space and simplicity of her surroundings allowed her imagination the unbound freedom to create her dreams, and drive her goals. While the endless stretching skies and fields would often make a person feel small within the world, Lillie would spend time outside specifically to feel bigger, more free, and more significantly attuned to the world around her. She appreciated her home, but longed to move on and finally turn her dreams into a viable reality.

Lillie Syracuse is equally as influenced by her all-American, working class roots as she is by her time spent on the road. One of her main priorities as a singer and entertainer is to establish a genuine connection with her audience through her personal experiences. While her aspirations and ambitions continue to evolve, she vows to never let go of her audience, because after all, she is there to sing for them. She soundly considers herself always equal to, and never above her audience. She strives to open her mind and be a part of the world around her, and let the people she meets and relationships she cultivates play an essential role in her music, and what inspires it. She connects with others from a humbled basis of coming from a working-class family, who has never been known to sugarcoat any of the realities surrounding them. While many events throughout her life have changed her and contributed to the person she is today, it wasn't until the Syracuse family fell upon immense financial hardship and lost their house that they left home in pursuit of better times ahead.

Then, there was Nashville.

Her mother had found work, so they packed up and headed north. After being in Nashville for only two weeks, Lillie began working with guitar and vocal coach Buzzy Orange, a man who would become a great friend, and would finally introduce her to a person far more wild, driven, and passionate than she ever thought she could be. Music has always been the primary soul-driving factor in Lillie's life, but it wasn't until she met Buzzy and began to develop her voice that she finally felt she discovered the world outside of Pumpkintown that she always craved to be a part of. She fell in love with a new idea of music and personal identity, because Nashville became a dream, and a reality. After working with Buzzy for four months, he had her do something that would prove to be one of the most significant parts of her musical career thus far: He sent her down to the main strip of Nashville with a guitar, a small band, and ten songs to play on the street. That night, she turned the heads and dazzled the hearts of hundreds of people who saw exactly what they came to Nashville to see: talent. Since then, she has felt over a hundred of Tennessee's stages under her heels. She has played multiple festivals, including the Friends of Warner Park's "Full Moon Picking Party", Twangfest, and Clarksville's "Rivers and Spires" Festival. She has performed with Jock Bartley of the band Firefall, as well as several special events, including the American Cancer Society's "Making Strides Against Breast Cancer", and a benefit show at Nashville's very own Hard Rock Cafe. She has also played multiple shows at Antique Archaeology, the retail store and music venue owned by Mike Wolfe of the hit television show American Pickers.

Lillie Syracuse's motivation for creating music has always been spurred by her personal journey, and how that journey connects her with her audience. Because of the unabashedly real and organic experiences she's had throughout life, she possesses a raw and rare passion often missing from the manufactured voices of modern day artists. She balances a poignant combination of the sweet Southern lure of country music, and the surly, smoke filled smother of rock 'n roll. She shines with a re-energized mentality toward music that is undeniably heard in her sound, which is only beginning to skim the surface of her talent and potential.